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About our Parenting and Divorce Guides

Denise Baier, MA, LMHC

Denise Baier

Author of Parenting and Divorce, A Guide for Married and Unmarried Parents

Our online course is based on the popular Parenting and Divorce classroom curriculum created by Denise Baier, MA, LMHC. Denise is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Parenting Coordinator.

Parenting and Divorce, A Guide for Married and Unmarried Parents, is now in it's 4th Edition and available in English and Spanish.

Parenting Class Course Overview

Through the course you'll find techniques to help ease the pain and learn new coping skills to make this emotional time less stressful on all involved.

The online Parenting Class (also called "Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course") covers the following topics

Here's what you'll learn when you enroll in our online Parenting course:

As a parent or significant family member, you'll learn to: